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The full game is here. There is one bug that I was unable to fix. It is when you first encounter the man in the cavern and he asks if you want anything from him. You have to say no otherwise it crashes.

The focus of this game is to allow players to use their imagination while playing a game. Video games today always have fancy graphics and don't challenge you at all. If you play this game it will challenge you to grow your imaginative capabilities while playing a fun adventure. It does not have to be realistic and that's good because you will have to imagine stuff that would never happen for real but solely in your mind.

In imagine Cavern you play as yourself on a journey to find your friend in a deep cavern that has mysterious things lurking in the shadows. Visit the creepy underground merchants that are questionably human. Immerse yourself in the music of the cavern as you play through the story. Go through intense battles with crazy magical powers and abilities. All packed into a great story line of finding your friend in the deepest depths of the earth.


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We are Balloon Co. [gaming division] and we are here to inform you that we were PRETTY PIPING HOT MAD AT YOU! Both last year and this year, we employed the marketing strategy of "release a game with a title screen with a generic looking RPG maker text with a black background to entice curiosity about the game." And yet, we came here and saw someone STOLE OUR IDEA! Furious, we flew to our fine lawyers to figure out how to fidangle a lawsuit against our found foe. They informed us that we would need to play the game, and we would have a case if it was similar to our game from last year (ie, protesting the game contest). So, we sat down, ready to find our evidence, but instead we found something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

First, we learned via a tutorial that we could use our imagination for something OTHER THAN MAKING GAMES! Then we learned that there were LIMITS to our imagination, when we found that, no matter what we imagined, we couldn't avoid going into the cavern despite the warning of our friend Thomas (who we imaged named was Tom-Tom). Then we found Tom-Tom, fought a troll and died.

But, in our depression from our death, we rebirthed into a discovery that OUR IMAGINATION WAS LIMITLESS! We turned that sad ending the game gave us, into a happy ending by imagining that Tom-Tom was captured because the humans were EVIL and the Trolls were the good guys! The Trolls killed us valiantly defending their home from people trying to steal their natural resources through mining without a permit! Thank you for this power to turn games that give you depressing endings into happy ones! We used this imagination to turn "You stealing our amazing marketing technique" into "You being inspired by our marketing technique and flattering us through the sincerest form of imitation!"

And that's the story of how we changed our anger at you into not anger at you!

Wow! You realise I have no clue who you are and I’m a teenager that just wanted to make a cool game and maybe win some money for college! I’m not trying to imitate any game that you made I’m sorry if it was similar but at glad to hear that your not going to sue me thanks for playing the game means a lot to me that you used your imagination. You can try the game again and get to the end which is my favorite part. If you press esc you can save and try it again.  Sorry if I caused you any trouble. 

You should NOT have to apologize for causing trouble. Causing trouble is GREAT! Some of the best people in history caused trouble like... ok, turns out everyone on this shift were too busy being troublemakers in their schools to pay attention during history class. (Except for Vyacheslav, he claims he was home schooled by the not-so-great outdoors). But the important point is causing trouble makes things happen, while everything is the same if no one makes trouble! After all, we made "trouble" last year when we protested this game jam not allowing non-rpgmaker engines. And this year, they are allowing non-rpgmaker engines! We hope that this feat of revolution puts us in the history books some day, AND that there will still be troublemakers who neglect to remember us!

Very interesting way to look at it! Thank you for your feedback. I hope you are blessed in the rest of your time making games!

Why is the file so big if it's a text-based game?

Because it was made in RPG Maker and it’s more than text based just try the game and you will understand!